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Dúné is a multiple award winning and platinum selling band. Throughout their career they have released 3 albums and a multitude of hit singles. In 2016 they traversed Denmark with their sold out “The Grand Tour”.



With 350.000 total SoMe followers, 5 awards, 1 documentary, 1 tv-series, +120 million streams, 8 consecutive nr. 1 singles, 8 platinum & 5 gold certifications – all acquired within 2 years, the facts speak for themselves.

Benjamin Rihan


Benjamin is a rising star over the danish music scene. With his charming demeanour and strong vocals he creates brilliant pop tunes that are sure to impress. Onstage he wields his acoustic guitar and captivates the audience as he has already done several times at large Danish venues.

Malte Ebert


Malte gained wide fame as the man behind Gulddreng. With the end of the project he sets his sights on equally ambitious goals, albeit this time with a more honest and soulful approach. Furthermore he is a highly talented lyricist. You should expect to hear a lot more from Malte in the coming years.

Out of Town


Out of Town are an energetic and quality conscious rap-collective. Their sound is based on Atlanta-trap with a touch of jazz instrumentals, inspired by the likes of Mac Miller, Wondagurl and Kaytranada. Rob Smyles and JenneJenne are the guys behind the keys whilst Orla Engstrøm and Christoffer Rou on vocals.



Moody is rumoured to inspire a generation with the clear messages that appear in her lyrics. She has been venerated by danish music critics that have announced her as one of the acts to keep an eye out for in 2018. Her unique voice and soul-inspired pop & electronic RnB never fails to impress.

hugo jr.


hugo jr. is a product of the Copenhagen-nightlife. Enter a universe of melancholic reflections upon modern urban life. The bittersweet lyrics carried by powerful electronic RnB productions create a soundtrack for life’s ups and downs.

Luca Stereo


The concept behind the name comprises of a music project and a creative universe with a wide range of characters, ideas and stories. As a character, Luca Stereo, is an oddball who feels trapped and subjugated in a cynical and systematised world, where monotonous social dynamics prevail. Luca Stereo is the alter ego of vocalist Emil Lagoni who brings life to the project with his honest lyrics and powerful vocals.



Delahoia is a rapper & lyricist of Italian descent. He is a formidable songwriter and an entertaining performer. With his current project he takes on a exotic adventure through a Miami Vice-inspired sonic universe. Throughout 2017 he toured Denmark extensively with Gulddreng.

Kristoffer Fuglsang


Kristoffer Fuglsang is a multi-platinum selling producer from Aarhus. He combines heavy and impactful elements of trap and future bass with the glittery and shiny sounds of pop music resulting in a fresh and interesting style. His style is very versatile, ranging from the grand to the minimal.

Sebastian Høgh


Sebastian is a rapidly improving pop & trap producer who’s steadily gaining a name for himself. With a keen mind for composition he quickly adapts his style to any given artist.

Ole Bjørn


Ole is an ace-producer and accomplished musician. He gained his breakthrough as the pianist of the widely renowned Danish rock band, Dúné, and now he is gaining a reputation as a flawless producer whose style suits a wide range of pop artists.

Jeppe Appel


Jeppe Appel is a forward thinking trap & RnB producer. His soundscapes consist of captivating textures, melodies and moods, driven by strong rhythms and thrilling basslines. With a great theoretical understanding, Jeppe, creates novel and solid productions whilst constantly striving to push the boundaries of pop music.

Mathias Holsaae


Mathias Holsaae is a Copenhagen-based producer & songwriter with a talent for catchy toplines & ear-perking productions. His ability to produce everything from memorable pop songs, smooth RnB to spine chilling trap makes him the perfect fit for any given artist. His easy going attitude creates a pleasant atmosphere which helps the artist reach their full extent.


Producer Duo

LITT GLOSS is a Copenhagen-based multi platinum selling producer duo, consisting of Kristoffer Fuglsang & Mathias Holsaae. They have produced and written serval hits in Denmark and as a result they have gained a lot of interest from all around the world.



Statisk is a band from Odense, Denmark. Their main focus is 80’s inspired synth-pop with a modern twist. They are a fresh take on what it means to be a boyband in the modern day and age – less polished and more raw, they expose a down to earth attitude with honest lyrics and charming melodies.



Glass House

Glass House is our base of operations and where our artists have their studios. We like to keep both the business and music closely intertwined so we can maintain the high standard we always strive for.

There is room for you too! You can rent a studio on hourly or daily basis. Feel free to contact us to hear more about it!

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Strandlodsvej 42A 2. sal – 2300 Copenhagen SV
Tel: +45 61 69 59 82 


Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm  \  ​​Saturday: 8am – 10pm  \  Sunday: 8am – 11pm

The Team

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Glass House is always filled with people and music so feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee and say hi.

Strandlodsvej 42A 2. sal – 2300 Copenhagen SV
Tel: +45 61 69 59 82 


Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm  \  ​​Saturday: 8am – 10pm  \  Sunday: 8am – 11pm

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