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Dúné is a multiple award winning and platinum selling band. Throughout their career they have released 3 albums and a multitude of hit singles. In 2016 they traversed Denmark with their sold out “The Grand Tour”.



With 350.000 total SoMe followers, 5 awards, 1 documentary, 1 tv-series, +120 million streams, 8 consecutive nr. 1 singles, 8 platinum & 5 gold certifications – all acquired within 2 years, the facts speak for themselves.

Benjamin Rihan


Benjamin is a rising star over the danish music scene. With his charming demeanour and strong vocals he creates brilliant pop tunes that are sure to impress. Onstage he wields his acoustic guitar and captivates the audience as he has already done several times at large Danish venues.

Malte Ebert


Malte gained wide fame as the man behind Gulddreng. With the end of the project he sets his sights on equally ambitious goals, albeit this time with a more honest and soulful approach. Furthermore he is a highly talented lyricist. You should expect to hear a lot more from Malte in the coming years.


Artist / Songwriter

Beside his own artist project, the rapper Delahoia is a well-known ghostwriter in the Danish music industry and have gained himself a dusin gold certifications and +62 million streams on Spotify as proof – as well as the recognition as one of the most versatile songwriters of Copenhagen. 



C.Rou is a danish rapper and member of the Scandinavian rap crew and movement Out of Town. C.Rou is a highly established artist with approximately 800.000 gathered streams on Spotify and 35.000 monthly listeners from different countries like Denmark, Germany, US, UK and The Netherlands.

Orla Engstrøm


Orla Engstrøm is “a fresh breath of air on the danish hip-hop scene and the sound which we needed.” That’s how the 19-year-old danish rapper Orla is described by Danish radio, P3. With his own sound “Scandi Trap” Orla Engstrøm is currently blowing listeners away with his defined trap music.    



Oggy is a product of the Copenhagen-nightlife. Enter a universe of melancholic reflections upon modern urban life. The bittersweet lyrics carried by powerful electronic RnB productions create a soundtrack for life’s ups and downs.


Ole Bjørn


Ole is an ace-producer and accomplished musician. He gained his breakthrough as the pianist of the widely renowned Danish rock band, Dúné, and now he is gaining a reputation as a flawless producer whose style suits a wide range of pop artists.



Producer Duo

LittGloss is a Copenhagen-based multi platinum selling producer duo, consisting of Kristoffer Fuglsang & Mathias Holsaae. They have produced and written serval hits in Denmark and as a result they have gained a lot of interest from all around the world.

Rob x Jenne

Producer Duo

Rob Smyles and JenneJenne are among the most talented trap and urban producers in Denmark – constantly getting acknowledged for their tributes to the Scandinavian trap scene. Being only 21 and 23, the boys find themselves constantly developing their own genre ‘Scandi-trap’. In only one year Rob x Jenne has worked with artists like Smokepurpp (US), Topgunn, Artigeardit, Baby Bino, $HYBXI and Michael Williams.

Jeppe Appel


Jeppe Appel is a forward thinking trap & RnB producer. His soundscapes consist of captivating textures, melodies and moods, driven by strong rhythms and thrilling basslines. With a great theoretical understanding, Jeppe, creates novel and solid productions whilst constantly striving to push the boundaries of pop music.

Olle Markensten


Olle Markensten is a Swedish songwriter, producer, pianist and composer currently living and working in Denmark. Olle has a masters degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and has worked with multiple artist in and outside of Scandinavia – Tove Lo and Maya B among others.


Oscar Morosinotto Johansen


Oscar is a well-known ghostwriter in the Danish music industry and have gained himself a dozen gold certifications and over 62 million streams on Spotify as proof.

Emil Lagoni


Aside from his own artist project “Luca Stereo”, Emil Lagoni is a Copenhagen-based topliner, songwriter and vocalist. Lagoni’s graphic and colorful way of thinking has a huge impact on his way of songwriting – honest and pure thoughts and storytelling.

Glass House

Glass House is our base of operations and where our artists have their studios. We like to keep both the business and music closely intertwined so we can maintain the high standard we always strive for.


There is room for you too! You can rent a studio on hourly or daily basis. Feel free to contact us to hear more about it!


See our studios in the gallery


At Glass Music we believe that the best way to advance music is through creative dialogue and cooperation. We love that the music industry is constantly evolving and we have developed a special talent for bringing people together, who can challenge and improve the music scene.

Our office is not just business-as-usual; it is a vibrant hub of music as well as home to a creative family, where everyone is committed to sharing their talents and helping each other grow.

Glass Music is a management and publishing company representing artists, producers and songwriters. Our team is a composition of creative-minded people with various experience in and different approaches to the music industry. This makes us well-equipped and competent advisors within all aspects of our profession – from logistics to strategic and creative idea development.

Strandlodsvej 42A 2. sal – 2300 Copenhagen SV
Tel: +45 61 69 59 82 


Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm  \  ​​Saturday: 8am – 10pm  \  Sunday: 8am – 11pm



At Glass Music we sign artists, songwriters and producers by following a selfmade model


‘Personality’ is crucial to the way we approach music and to the functionality of a creative collaboration.

This is why we look for the people who will fit into the Glass family – the ones we want to share ideas with, create new music with and basically hang out with.


‘Talent’ goes without saying – you need to be talented at something as we can’t work solely with a pretty face!


‘Potential’ refers to the probability of a commercial career and standing out from the crowd.

In 2019 the importance of a visual expression and a catchy personality to succeed as an artist is major!

The Team

Christian Skjølstrup

CEO of Glass Music / Owner

Thea Moe

General Manager

Sofie Amalie Bech

A&R and P.A to Christian Skjølstrup

Michael Ritto

Owner / Partner

Jeppe Riddervold

Owner / Partner

Wanna visit Glass House?

Glass House is always filled with people and music. If you wanna stop by for a coffee please contact

Strandlodsvej 42A 2. sal – 2300 Copenhagen SV
Tel: +45 61 69 59 82 


Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm  \  ​​Saturday: 8am – 10pm  \  Sunday: 8am – 11pm

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